Sunday, September 26, 2010

Billie gets some REAL pictures!


Billie and I went to the park for her photo op today. She was great, and had lots of 'firsts'. We found a fenced tennis court at the park (technically no dogs.. shhh) so I let her run off leash in there for a few minutes before the photos. She came back to me every time I called, however, concrete tennis courts are awfully boring from a prey
perspective, so I don't think it would carry over too well to open green space. I wish I had access to fenced in natural areas other than the offleash dog parks where she could run regularly. Oh well, she does pretty well on the long line.

We didn't know that saturday morning at this park, there is a children's soccer league that meets there to play! After the photos, we rounded up some well-behaved children to greet her and she was fantastic. A lady then approached with an infant and asked to pet Billie. I explained she was friendly, but hadn't met a child that age that I knew of. The lady was very respectful and allowed Billie to approach her and her child. Billie then laid down to greet the baby! It was such a picture perfect pittie-meets-baby moment, and she was so gentle! She was such a star.

She still gets quite car sick. The nice thing is that as soon as I get her out, she shakes it off and is her usual self within a few seconds.

I think that about covers our morning adventure. She's such a good girl, everyone loves her! :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Billie, Billie, Billie

I've been encouraging Billie to spend time in the yard alone. I wanted to see what she'd get up to, and to give her some time to explore on her own. She's done very well! She found a water bottle (no idea how it ended up there!) and was crunching on it. Small note: Her recall training while on the long line in the big yard has NOT IN THE LEAST carried over to "when in the small yard, off the line, with something I really want!" Sigh. :)
She is eating exclusively out of her kibble nibble now, and loves it. She seems to drink alot of water, but I think it's the kibble. I'm not used to dogs who drink much water.
She still gets tired quite quickly when outside playing, and has quite the snort/snore, but it doesn't seem to bother her. Her endurance has increased alot since she arrived, though.
The bald spot on her head is almost completely normal now. She scraped her head under my bed a while back, and that is also healed up, though she still has some fur-regrowth to do there. She needs a nail trim, hopefully I can do that this week.
I've been playing with photoshop since there is a photographer author on DogRead this month. Here's my latest "creation." click to enlarge.
From Billie

Also, lots more photos always at her picasa site. Just click the photo!

Monday, September 13, 2010


The camera and i spent half an hour outside with Billie. she's such a hilarious girl.
more at her picasa album

Saturday, September 11, 2010


It's official, Billie is up for adoption at Bully Buddies! Spread the link around, get the word out!!
In other news, she tracked a bunch of quail into the wrong brush pile and they all flew away and she was none the wiser. Poor girlie! :)
Her life has been pretty unexciting the past couple days. Archie's been taking up most of my time with his leg issue, so she's been going for walks, playing, but not much training. She is starting to get the hang of the row of jumps, and it makes it much faster to tire her out!
She's eating everything I give her now, out of a kibble nibble. Finally. Silly girl. I love having dogs who can work for their food, it gives them so much more to do/think about than just stuffing her nose in a bowl.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Agility all in a row!!

She's getting it!! Billie was doing so well driving down the line of 3 jumps that I increased the height of the middle jump just a bit. Well.. She didn't think that was possible!
I lured her over it once, and now she's fine with it again. She's getting into better shape :)
We've been doing some two-frisbee drop games. I think she's getting it, and her Give during agility practice was better, so it's sinking in somewhere.
For her clicker work, I tried today before exercising her. She was a totally different dog. Way more interested in moving around, but also way more interested in starting trouble with archie (crated) etc. She's got touch almost 100% of the time now, even moving a couple steps. Her sit is a default, which is nice, and her down is still not great. I find it hard to practice with her, cause once she's in "Down" mode, she won't get up again!
Her Zen is coming along nicely and I've started on eye contact.. Once she gets the idea, I can get 10 or 15 glances in a row, which is pretty good!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh yeah, a new picture!

I nearly forgot! Tara made this pretty picture of Billie. I'm not sure how well the slogan suits her lifestyle, but it sure suits her emotions! She loves everyone!

She's a walking premier ad.

I have GOT to get a picture of her in her black Premier harness, black Premier Snap collar and black Gentle Leader! It's kind of hilarious. She doesn't panic/freak about the GL, so I'll take her up to the park tomorrow to meet some people (there are occasionally off leash dogs, so I feel better with the face control. That applies to all the dogs, not just her, except our old decrepit Bichon who not only loves other dogs, but is far too small and old to do anything) and maybe get a few candid shots with Shauna if she's got a moment. I know most of the 5star gang are dying to meet her, and it might help her find a home!

I was supposed to have a bandanna that reads Adopt Me, but it seems to be running "behind" in the making. Ah well, I'll just make sure to tell everyone she's a foster, but is still on hold for a few more days. Maybe someone will fall in loooove.

We did some jumps today. First, she tracked a flock of pheasants all the way to the neighbour's place. I was shocked she actually found them.. then had to convince her she couldn't chase and eat them! I bet if I got some feathers or fur toys, this girl would be all over it. As it is, occasionally she's too distracted to play outside, and often far too distracted to eat.

Anyway, back to the jumping. All I wanted to work on was showing her that she COULD and SHOULD take the jumps on the way to the toy. So, jumps set low and close enough together that she can bounce them. I just didn't let her go around the jumps, insisted she go OVER them to get the toy. 4 reps later, she's running full out over the jumps TO the toy! SUCCESS! Did it once more, then called it a "quit on the high note"!

Billie also went and spent 20 minutes out in the back yard tonight. Roomie took his dog camping, so it was empty. I figured she'd sniff and snuff and sniff and snuff.. She wandered for 10 minutes, looked in the window for 5, then decided she was cold and lonely and needed back in! Sigh. Ah well.

After the yard trip, she met Gramma. She wants to jump up, but otherwise has been great meeting people so far. She barked at Kevin when he came to the fence in the dark (I'd put her out for a pee, wasn't expecting him!) but has otherwise shown nothing but waggy wags. And the odd feet-up. Workable though. She was able to sit nicely for me. Gramma couldn't reach to pet her if she was sitting, but I expect she would have stayed for her as well.

The cat was in the room at the time of all this, so she was on leash (the cat is occasionally suicidal..) and didn't notice her. The cat is quite a ways up, so I didn't expect Billie to notice. But, unlike the chickens, she doesn't go into manic "OMG ITS NEARBY I CAN SMELL IT" mode in the house. That's handy :)

This dog LOVES to chew. Mostly she chews bones, but I'd love to get her some nice heavy duty chew toys that can go with her when she goes. Nylabones and the like.. I wonder if it's in BB's budget? ;)

That is all for now. I'll try to get more pics and maybe some video tomorrow. I still have video of the lake to edit, too. It's been a busy weekend!

Thunder and Lightening and rain, oh my!

I spent a few hours up at the agility trial and came home, immediately let Billie out for a pee, and opened the door (I let her out, then follow her out) to find a quivering mass of pibble begging to come back in. Alright, back in her crate, and Archie goes out. I notice a light flash and am looking around to see if a light flickered. I realize it was LIGHTENING!! Sure enough, crash goes the thunder and Archie's running and barking like a mad thing trying to chase it off. Alright. No one gets to go pee, then.
Billie's tucked into her crate, whining and worrying. Not sure if she's feeding off Archie or was already worried. Archie is on high alert to chase off the noisy "intruder," and is barking and leaping after the loudest bangs. It seems to have blown over now (touch wood) so maybe they can go pee in half an hour.
I've never had a thunder-phobic dog, though we have had a few that certainly didn't like the storms. Archie's never been out in one when it crashed like that, so I hope he's alright. I think Billie was as much hating the rain as she was the storm, and is reacting mostly to Archie, so I'm not too worried about her. I hate the storms too!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sweet pic of billie

Thanks Tara!


Yesterday afternoon, it warmed up enough that I thought we might be able to squeeze one more beach day in today, if it stayed warm. And it did! Yay! So, we loaded up the collies and Billie and off to the (private, grassy) beach we went!
We ran the stink out of the collies then got Billie out to play and have a little photo shoot! I've got a friend who is going to edit some of the pictures to see if she can get them to look nicer, and although we took nearly 100, only about 30 or so are any good. Such is life. Shauna will have a much better time with the photos, once she's done the agility-madness-week!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Morning trek!

So, I always do this backwards. My usual routine is to exercise and potty the dogs, then do the training. With Billie, this means all she wants to work on are sits, downs and easy hand touches, since she's TIRED! I can't believe how little running it takes for her to want to just collapse and pant for 5 minutes. Poor girlie needs to get into shape!! There are advantages to that, too, of course! LOL
This morning, we went out for a potty, then played some "run around like an idiot" and "chase mice in the bushes" and "chase and chew up little 'sticks.'" Came back in and worked on Sit, Down, touch, and an intro to Zen, which she got right away (5 or 6 clicks). She would really rather just sit there and do nothing and get cookies. Serious difference from Archie!
I really need to work on her fetch/give, so that I can exercise her that way, for her sanity and mine!
She sure sniffs around, I wonder if she can smell the mice (I thought I'd been rid of them all, but heard one last night runnign around)
She's a bit of a destructo-dog. Chews up firm rubber toys in seconds (I'm watching her VERY closely. Kongs only unsupervised!) and opened up the "skin" on the Wubba in just a minute. She doesn't seem to ever bother any of MY stuff though, which is really nice. She sure prefers the rubber toys to everything except cloth (which she won't have. She'd just shred it in seconds). Silly girl.
Here's her training log to date: