Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This one is about Archie..

So as some of you know, I enter quite a few contests on Facebook and such to win dog stuff. So far, we've won at least 3 packs of dog toys, and a custom made padded collar. I considered having the collar made for West, but for a few reasons, decided it would not be a good idea for him. I also tried to find someone else who really wanted the collar, but came up empty, so I had it sized for Archie. Since it's custom made, it only fits one size dog.

I'm posting this information today because PetExpertise, the company who makes the collar (along with selling some other really amazing products, and only positive ones!), is having a sale right now for $5 off the collar. The code is CradleYES for the coupon section.

Anyway, back to this collar.

I was initially skeptical. Here's another random gadget for almost $40, that looks basically like a wide martingale collar. And, the strap goes right across the throat like a standard collar, so how padded can it really be? I tend to be hard to sell on new products.. Took me years to try the Tug A Jug, and it's one of my favourite ones, so maybe I need to be more easy going.. or get more free giveaways!

Anyway, the collar was free, so I ordered it. It came with some simple instructions to ensure I put it on right side up. It appeared very well made and sturdy, so I slipped it on Archie and it fit well. Of course, when you want to try a new device to see how it works on a pulling dog, your dog magically has no interest in pulling. I really think this is a great secret to fixing pulling ! :)

Archie has always had a hypersensitive throat. Any pressure on a collar at all often causes him to cough and gag, and pulling always causes this. He doesn't seem to mind too much, but I mind, and sometimes I get comments or looks from the public as my dog is coughing away.

I got him to give a couple very wimpy tugs on the collar, and he had no coughing at all. I was impressed, but knew I had to give it a real test. Over the next couple of weeks, I had Archie wear this collar almost everywhere. He hasn't yet pulled hard enough to make himself cough, and he pulls pretty hard sometimes!

I certainly realize that training is a good option for most people for a leash pulling problem. I also love the front-attach harnesses such as the Easy Walk Harness and the Sense-ation harness. We recommend these in classes all the time. But there are people who don't have the time to always put on a harness, and for whatever reason, they are not interested in training loose leash walking. Having an easy-slip padded collar can be a great solution for people who fall into these groups. If this collar got known in the Agility community, I expect people would be all over it!

I will get some photos and video up soon, the camera is still charging. And we'll be back to discussing West shortly! Just wanted to put this up right away, so anyone who wanted to could take advantage of the coupon. Leave questions in the comments!