Friday, January 27, 2012

While I'm away..

Chris is looking after the boys, and has been blogging his adventures: Chris 31415

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Off to clicker expo!

We leave Thursday morning for Portland. The boys are staying home. I have some video clips from the seminar on Saturday. Reiker stars in all 3, I think. They can be found on the Five Star Dog Training Facebook page. Blogging will be at a minimum while I'm away. Hopefully I'll get back at it when I get back!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Four hours of seminar, and he's napping!

It's Train Your Dog Month, so we had a seminar today on Jumping and Pulling on leash. Reiker was the ideal candidate since he's mostly dog/people friendly and does both jump and pull. I put him in the back of the sprint, tethered, and went to the centre. He came into the centre to run around for a bit, and was very good as people came in. I crated him with his kong when the other dogs arrived. He was quiet and mostly played with his kong. I brought him out once everyone was inside, and worked on sitting/lying calmly while I listened. The border collie pup in the next row stared at him a few times, and he got a bit antsy, but he was great otherwise. We mostly practiced Zen. We had 4 working sessions throughout the seminar. He worked the entire first session, then only worked half the other 3. I was teaching the second part, so he waited in his crate. He did whine and fuss a bit when he could see me working another client's dog, but one of the other trainers sat with him and he settled. Overall, he did fabulously. He's tired and napping now. He also, of course, got to practice greeting people without jumping up, and walking on a loose leash. He did fantastic! Some video to come, I think. The newspaper took his picture, too, but the other puppies might have been cuter!

Sunday, January 15, 2012