Sunday, July 22, 2012

More West updates and accomplishments!

From West's new owners. For those of you who aren't agility nuts, "Q" is a successful run, "K9 Cliffhangers" is a club who puts on agility trials, "standard" is a game where the dogs must perform every piece of agility equipment, and "jumpers" is a game where they do only jumps, tunnels, chute and tire.
Amazing progress! Go West!

Hi Courtenay,
I thought you would like to know that West got 3 Q's last week end at the K9 Cliffhangers' s trial.
1 standard and 2 jumpers, puts him in advanced jumpers already after his second trial !
He he amazing in the ring, very focused and already lots drive.
He is doing very well otherwise, he's made amazing progress in 8 months. He is a smart little dog.
Nina and West are becoming really good friends.
I hope all is well with you,

Monday, July 2, 2012

Archie got a new toy

Well, actually, I got 5 of them. Reiker likes them too, but Archie's the star of the photos!

They're JW's Bouncin' Baseball. A nice squeak, a super bounce, and survived over an hour in a crate with the Malinois, so decently tough! I'll let you know how they hold up long term.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Manners Minder!

I finally got around to introducing Reiker to the Manners Minder..

After a few minutes of work, he was patiently waiting for the kibbles. Soon, he actually hiprolled and relaxed!

Love this product!

Then today, we went to the mall in Salmon Arm. Worked on several things, including our "place" behaviour on the hood of the car!