Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sorry for the delay...

Well, I had intended to post after the trial in early September, but life had other plans.

Sunday evening just as the trial was wrapping up, I got a call and took a bus straight to Vancouver to the hospital. My grandmother is recovering well now, but I was down there for 3 days, came back for 3, dropped Reiker at our lovely boarding facility (Paws in Paradise) and drove back to Vancouver. I only just got back today!

Reiker had a great time at the trial, and I'll do a proper post on that in a bit. Archie did well and though he didn't manage any Q's, he had two beautiful jumpers runs. I don't think we managed any video of those, unfortunately :( Hopefully Shauna got some photos though!

Reiker then spent 20 nights at Nan's and had a good time. Nan seems to enjoy his company, as long as she's well compensated, so that's very helpful. I picked him up this afternoon, but won't get to see Archie until Saturday....

When my mom brings him into town for our Rally trial! Both boys are entered, and obviously, haven't had any recent training. My mom was looking after Arch, and worked with him a tiny bit, and Nan with Reiker a tiny bit.. But both are pretty rough! We'll go out, have some fun, and train hard this week...

Since next weekend, we're packing up mom, myself, my two boys and Gypsy and driving to Calgary for the big CARO trial at Sit Happens!

Exciting, and busy and exhausting. Time for bed.

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