Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thanks for those of you who voted!!

We got Runner Up in the photo contest I posted about a while back. Thanks to the generosity of Premier Pet Products, we got a bag of new toys to try out!

The Pogo Plush Slap Happy was in use before I even got the packaging off. Gypsy grabbed it from me when I was showing it off to Chris! I had to take it back from her to get photos of it. Enthusiastic pup.

Archie and West with the new Slap Happy:

Typical boys. Archie plays with toy. West 'plays' with Archie:

The combination of lighting, snow and new toy created some awesome snow-spray shots:

The Fun Kitty Egg-cersizer is probably the most hated of the toys. The dogs don't get to play with it, and the cats are irritated that they don't get a free meal anymore! They seem to get it and play with it right away though (no introduction done. bad me.), so maybe they will be on the way to non-obesity soon! Bad cats.

The Funny Bone Busy Buddy toy is one I hadn't ever seen in person before. I've seen these toys on the website, but was never sure if they'd last my hard chewers, so I never bought one. I was excited to get a chance to try it out! I know I never really understood how it worked, so I figured I'd lay it out for you!

The toy out of the package:

Note the grooves where the strips sit:

The end unscrews, to access the strips:

And the entire bone piece comes right out, leaving the purple a totally separate piece:

You can see how the strips lock in by sliding into the groove:

The strip has a wider bit at each edge, to lock it in place:

Just slide the strip in (this is a bit tough, as they fit quite tightly)

And you're ready to chew!

Give to puppy:

West really liked it. He chewed the sticking-out parts of the strips off really fast, but was keen to keep working on it. I will experiment with cutting the strips in half, then they would last twice as long.

I gave it to West in his crate while I went into the house for a bit. He gnawed away at it and a couple hours later, this is what I found:

So, some damage, but nothing major. Something to keep an eye on, though, since I know ground-plastic has worn dogs' teeth in the past. A friend has a dog with SHARPENED canines from grinding on plastic long term.

All in all, we're very happy with this toy!


  1. Congrats! Looks like he REALLY enjoyed that bone thing. I've never seen one here.
    Courtenay, do you ever have any trouble with West in terms of taking objects from him, like food? Does he willingly give them up or are there guarding issues?

  2. So far, that's one issue he doesn't have! I am careful about it though, and try to always have something yummy to give him when I take something away. Archie is a fairly serious resource guarder, so I'm cautious about it in general.