Saturday, April 16, 2011

Toys, toys, toys...

This isn't the review, at least not yet.

A friend sent me a package, including some books/dvd's I'd asked to borrow, and conveniently, another snake very similar to the one I won from Kyjen a few months ago. So I now have two almost-identical toys, and two dogs..

I had tossed the smaller, new snake to West, and was playing with archie with another toy, but as soon as West squeaked the snake, it became more valuable. Knowing I had a similar one, I got that one out and tossed one to each dog. I'd love for Archie to figure out playing with toys TOGETHER with West, since West gets that, but it just hasn't happened yet. These snakes are long, so maybe a good tool to get them playing without having to be too close together.

West is persistent, I'll give him that. Archie eventually breaks down and plays with him for a few seconds (not with the toy) then snarks and leaves. He also decided a couple times that West could not have ANY snakes, so went and stole West's AND had his. I just tossed it back to West. West now has both snakes, but he's mostly interested in playing with Archie, who is... not.

Still, Archie is out loose and West is able to breathe, walk around, drink, move, etc without fear of being pummeled. West's dog communication skills are very good in many, many ways, including deferring to an older dog! Go West!

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