Friday, August 19, 2011

Archie Post 2 - Photos

As I mentioned in this post, I won a dog collar from a Facebook contest by PetExpertise. It arrived a couple months ago, but was damaged, so the company quickly sent a replacement. It's custom made, so it only fits Archie perfectly, though I have used it on a couple other dogs in a pinch.

Here's the collar

Anyway, I'm very VERY happy with it. Archie has always had some tracheal collapse type issue. Any pressure on a regular collar causes him to cough and choke. He doesn't seem bothered by it, but he must be, and passers-by often think he's asphyxiating! I use an Easy Walk Harness on him for most leash walking purposes, but we don't walk on leash very often, and it's a pain to put the harness on for just short leash trips (to and from the car, etc). This collar is perfect for that! I'm also thinking about using it at our fall trial instead of his Premier leash (custom made and discontinued, sorry!) to see how he likes it.

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