Friday, December 23, 2011

Reiker drops the ball

And it's a good thing! I got to pick some items from Clean Run as a gift from Mary a few months ago, and it finally arrived. She had the stuff for me on Tuesday at class.

I ordered four Timberwolf Balls (Archie LOVES these), two JW balls and an Orbee 3in1 ball set. I also got a little stuffed Tuffit thing for Sheela, I'll let you know how/if it holds up to the big dogs.

Anyway, I sent two Timberwolf balls home to mom, but kept two with me. Finally, two identical and moderately Reiker resistant toys! Here's a video clip of him working his "Drop" for the other ball to be thrown. He was doing really well, but the added distraction of the camera in my hand, and my focusing on trying to aim the camera really threw him off. Anyway, he had fun!

PS: I found my camera! Just need to charge the battery (forgot the charger at home!) tonight and I can start getting regular photos and video again!

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