Saturday, January 7, 2012

A few new things..

Still not the update I want to write about the trip etc, but this evening was two firsts for Reiker:

1. I took him through to the front door (on leash due to cats, counters, furniture, etc) and paused in the kitchen to offer him a drink from the water bowl there. It's near our laundry machines (who designed this kitchen??) and he started toward it and backed off growling at the small pile of laundry. I don't know if it was the shadow (his), reflections on the machine, bleach bottle partly tucked behind the machine, smell of the laundry itself.. He was very reluctant to approach. I turned on the big light and moved in closer and encouraged him verbally. He eventually did approach on his own (maybe 30 seconds), and I stepped in and moved the clothes around a bit for him to interact with. He was totally fine after that.

2. When I brought both boys back inside (together.. that's been going well!) Archer went into Reiker's crate to finish his kong. Reiker grabbed Archer's nommybone, and was playing nicely with it, so I half latched the crate, closed the door (cats..) and stepped out of the room for a minute or so to get some water. All was fine and calm when I returned :)

Now Reiker would really like me to let him destroy archer's nommy bone. I can't replace it for a few more weeks, so I won't let him totally wreck it, but he loves it. I suspect I need to get him a couple as well. Archer has finished emptying the kong and can't quite cope with Reiker playing 4 feet away, so I'll put Reik back in his crate now..

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