Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Archie's trial

We had a trial at our winter barn in April. I entered Archie and Sheela. Sheela ran well, as usual, no Qs due to refusals, I think.

Archie came out for his first run (gamblers), and was waiting to go in the ring. He fell apart with a lunge/bark so we left with lots of cookies. He didn't even get in the ring.

Second run, we were waiting to go in the BUILDING and a small dog came running out. I fed Arch while moving away, but the dog kept coming. I picked him up and held him until the dog was caught, then went inside. He didn't seem too bothered by this. My only goal was to get into the ring. Not only did he get into the ring, he ran the ENTIRE RUN! It was phenomenal! No Q (a refusal at a jump when I got too far ahead of him), but he RAN and stayed with me. First time ever!

Our final run, we got into the ring without much trouble. He was a bit distracted, and left me to visit the judge when I miscued a hard turn into a tunnel, so we did a couple tunnels then ran a line out of the ring. Huge success, in my book.

And of course, no video. Shauna did take some nice photos of him, though.
Shauna's Facebook page featuring Archer

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