Wednesday, August 8, 2012

And Reiker does some agility!!

We went out to Centennial park July 4 to work some dogs, and Reiker got introduced to an agility jump there. He did maybe 10 reps of restrained jumping at 10", couldn't keep the bar up at 16. We also did some focus and some "drive building" work. He has a new trick, and I call it (somewhat non-politically correctly) Hands Are For Pain, after some bad training advice that a client of mine received and shared with me. He brings me his toy and I lightly slap his muzzle and head while he shakes his toy and growls. Great fun.

Anyway, that evening I think he did a super short session of restrained agility, and we've had four weeks since then. At least one week, he did nothing since he'd injured his foot. I can't remember if he worked all three of the other sessions or not.

So, I think this is session 5.

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  1. Great comment on the "spot speaks" blog. Thanks, Courtney.