Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I happened to 'Like' a page when it was at 399 likes, which made me the 400th "Like". This meant I won a Hurley from Look What I Can Do!
I was initially skeptical of the toy, but it has a one-time guarantee, so if Reiker decided he could shred it up, I'd be able to return it.

I handed it to him to play with while we walked around my sister's place one night, so he'd have something non-rolly on the pavement.

Then I borrowed it for my sister's Labradoodle while I was there for a few days. She loved it.

Finally, Reiker got it back. It's a big hit, doesn't roll out into the road or under things it shouldn't, and he chews on it mightily with no detrimental effects!

From Maligator

I'm super impressed, and Reiker loves it. We'll be watching for more WestPaw products for sure. Thanks to cTLC, WestPaw and Look What I Can Do for this great product!

Just in case you're coming here from somewhere else and don't know Reiker, he is a very powerful, destructive dog. He has chewed black Kong rubber into bits, destroys heavy Nylabone rubber toys, and even gets through steel crate doors on a regular basis. Will this toy stand up to his chewing forever? Maybe not, but it's done a heck of a job so far!

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