Saturday, March 2, 2013

Premier Eco Equipment review

From Archie 2

We've recently acquired a bunch of the Premier ECO equipment. It's being discontinued, but is still available from Pet Expertise for sure.

This webbing is made from recycled plastic bottles, and is a bit finer than the usual nylon webbing. It's certainly got a bit of a different feel. And it's slipperier when it's wet.

It's strength rating is similar to that of the regular Premier nylon, and the hardware is similar was well. I got both boys an Easy Walk harness, and neither has self-loosened yet (A pretty common problem with the nylon ones, since they have fancy metal hardware). I don't know if this is a difference in the metal or the strapping material.

I got each of them a Premier collar, as well. I quite like these collars. Archie's is his current daily-wear collar, and it's standing up great. Reiker can't daily-wear a martingale because he chews it up, and with his health issues lately, I've had no collar on him at all. But he does have one!

I got two matching leashes for Archie, one 1" and one 3/4". I really like having the 1" leash attached to the EW and the 3/4" leash to the GL. This  makes it very easy to reach into the pile of "dog stuff" and pull out the equipment I'm looking for. Archie doesn't usually wear both, just one or the other depending on the occasion.
Archie's matching GL is quite nice, and I think it probably is less prone to wearing off fur due to the material. No proof of this yet though!

Reiker got MANY leashes and about 6 extra Gentle Leaders, due to his propensity to destructo-dog them. I got mostly Large's, and he seems to prefer the large to the Medium he was wearing before (since he'd eaten all my Larges!) I got a variety of widths of blue leashes for him as well. So far, he hasn't decided to take any out. So far. Hah.

The nice thing about Premier's stuff is that I really trust their hardware, so if/when he does chew up something, I can pull the buckles and clips off and reuse them on other dog stuff.

Overall, very impressed. We've been using this stuff for a couple months now, and it's standing up great. The green does show the dirt, but a quick rinse and it comes clean again. 

From Maligator

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