Monday, August 26, 2013

Okay, so it's been a while..

I've got West updates to post from months ago, and we've been busy!


Last I left off, Reiker and I were just experimenting with Disc. Since then, we've attended a fabulous evening seminar with Dana Gallagher, and learned a ton. Plus, she provided us with some "real" discs. I'll note that Reiker has not yet destroyed a SINGLE ONE, despite chewing on them madly. He also prefers them very much to the hard plastic dollar store ones. Wahoo.

That's just some of the video from the seminar. It really was great.

We've got a small local group together working on IPO/Ring stuff, and Reiker got to bite his first Leg Sleeve the other day. He loves this game:

From Reiker 2

We're auditing Shade's IPO101 Tracking course at Fenzi Academy, and have worked a tiny bit on scent pads. I haven't gone much farther with it yet.

And we had a blast doing some Ttouch workshops in Vernon. Reiker got to work one on one with Linda Tellington-Jones, AND Robyn Hood. He did amazing and I had a great time.

From Dogs at ttouch aug13

Reiker and I, notice the slack leash!

Finally, we've also done a nosework seminar and a bunch of practices. I haven't got the video edited for that yet, so it'll come soon.

Plus, the usual agility and Rally-O. Here's the final week of the agility class we took in June. This was Reiker's first real agility class.

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