Thursday, August 28, 2014

Puppy preparation!

How to prepare your home for your puppy! This family has children and runs an in-home daycare, so they've been very thoughtful about preparations for their new Pointer pup. They gave me permission to share their preparation photos!

Books books and more books. Book to help us select out breed, breed specific books, puppy training books and of course a name book :)

Doggy do list. 

Kitchen table pre-puppy preparations

Smaller table put in to make room for puppy :)

Puppy's food and drink area now fits nicely on the left of the table! Take note of the "non-bowl" feeding gadget! 

Up close photo of pup's eating zone. 

Food storage !

Treats for training, to be used along side her regular meal kibble. 

Making room in the family room for our new family member!

Lucky to have such a handy husband. He made this beautiful frame for pup's doggy bed. 

Toy storage and a few of pups toys. Lots of different textures to hopefully curb chewing on furniture ha ha. Ducky, kong rubber dental chew, antler, bully stick, nylabone, and whatever that orange thing is called ;)
<Courtenay's note: It's a Retrieving Bumper>

More of our doggy supply collection. Already has her own drawer! Brushes, travel water bowl, nail clippers, tooth brush and paste, and another food toy. Also extra collar and more of those orange things. 

Pups crate. Located in our master bedroom.

Leash collar and doo doo bags. Soooo excited for that part ;)

Downstairs daycare business area. Gated off " puppy zone" to the right of the photo. 

Close up of the " puppy zone" in the daycare

More toys, water bowl and bed located in pups safe zone in the daycare. 

Posters printed off dr Sophia's website regarding kids and dogs.
<Courtenay's note: I love the sharpie-edits to the posters!>

 We bought a large dog pen for the yard to last until we can get the fence fixed on the hill.

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