Saturday, June 25, 2011

An award? For my little blog?

As most of you know, I'm pretty new to this blogging-with-an-audience thing. Learning as I go!

So this week, I got a Versatile Blogger Award from Tena at Success Just Clicks. I had to look to see exactly what this meant! It seems to be an award for new bloggers, and it's a very cool thing!

The rules of this award are that I must share 7 things about myself and then pass along the award to 15 blogs that are either new or are new to me. I don't tend to branch out my blog reading very much, so I'm going to post this before the full list of 15 is up, then find new blogs as I go along!

Seven things about myself, and West, of course. Since this really is his blog..

1. I drive a TINY car. It's a Chevy Sprint, and it's a 5 door, but that's basically ALL it is (made of doors). It's kind of hilarious when I park somewhere (like the gas station today) and I've got four dogs loaded in the back, plus a passenger! I once fit 3 months of "living stuff", 3 dog crates, Archie, Cujo/Koodo my prev foster (huuuge dog!) and myself in my tiny little car and drove it over the rockies. It's kind of a joke. :) West likes it far better now that the muffler is attached!

2. I wish we had a local CU class to attend. I think both West and Archie would benefit hugely from such a class, but it's very hard to teach and attend at the same time!
Sigh. One day, maybe.

3. I love free stuff. I enter lots of contests (and win some!) and freebie entries. I enjoy couponing, and once got 4 free-natura-dog-food coupons, one bag of which is still around!

4. I have really cool friends. I was at a Rally trial back in April, and a friend was entering a raffle. She had a couple extra tickets and wasn't sure where to enter them.. I told her to throw them in the GO! prize and that I'd buy the food off her to use for West (who is still getting a mix). She said if she won, I could just have it. Almost two months later, I was at an agility trial when another friend approached me to let me know she won that raffle and had kept the food (all this time!) for West! How cool is that?

5. West really wants to sleep on the bed. He would like very much if I'd kick Archie out of the house, and then West could be as bad as he wanted! He's sitting on the floor with his head resting on the bed, looking very pitiful. There are several comfy dog beds available.

6. Archie is totally addicted to tissues. I'm allergic to most every plant out there, so spring is a rough time. I go through many kleenexes, and Archie is obsessed with finding and eating them. It's to the point now where he hears me blow my nose and comes running! Bad dog! :)

7. I'm really bad at writing things that fit a framework! Listing these 7 things has been awfully hard!

And now for a list of blogs. Let's see how many I can come up with.

After Gadget Not new, or new to me, but very good!

Vet On The Edge New to me!

BZ Training Fairly new to me.

Through a Guide's Eyes Thanks to Sharon for suggesting this one!

The Homeless Parrot

Syn's Blog

Doggie Ideas with great training plans and steps!

Children In Perspective a brand new blog by a young man who I met through animal rescue, who writes about all sorts of things..

That's 8... I will add more as I think of them!


  1. Wow, West is really beautiful! By the way, I'm thinking of starting a chapter of Tissue-eaters Anonymous for dogs, in case Archie wants to attend (my dog Finn will be the founding member, since he's eaten so many Kleenex that I considered buying stock in Kimberly-Clark). I'm trying to decide if I should also include a sub-chapter for Paper Towel-eaters Anonymous, or maybe just Dogs Who Love Cardboard Tubes Too Much.

    Fun blog!

  2. Hey, if you are looking for another blog I will shamelessly plug mine.