Saturday, June 25, 2011

Some time out and about..

West mostly comes everywhere now. Today, we would have practiced at the centre, but instead, practiced in a friend's yard. So we just took Gypsy to CU class, came home and got the others to go play.

Mom pulled up near the gate, and I just let West out. He ran to the gate while I got Archie out, then I let them and Gypsy into the yard. Oh, and Sheela too! Mom went to do some shopping, and I headed for the back of the yard to turn the water on. The 4 dogs just played and ran and sniffed. I tossed a couple balls, but mostly, they wanted to investigate.

Once I had the water on, I decided I needed to do something with West and Gypsy so I could work Archie. Popped West in the solid crate, Gypsy in the zipper one beside him, and left sheela loose. Archie and I worked a few 2x2s, some tables, and some jump sequences. I put him over the dog walk a couple times, and he was great.

Shifted the dogs around, let West out, put Archie in. West did some tables, a couple jumps, and tried to get him over the dogwalk. He did go over once. He's not worried about being high, but has no sense of where his feet are! Silly pup!

Now, I put West in the fabric crate. Last time he was in one, he scratched it up, so I was watching him closely. He didn't relax, but he didn't claw at the crate either! Good dog.

I rotated through a couple more times. Mom came back, and I worked Sheela a little. Loaded everyone back in the car and went to the gas station.

The only available pump in the shade was right near the door. 6 months ago, I would have parked to the side and waited for a farther one to be free, but I figured West could handle it. And he did! He watched a few people go by, without tension or barking. He sat on the front seat with the window wide open while I pumped the fuel. Even when some men walked by! He's come a looong way!

Once we got home, he ran around a bit, then jumped through the window into the car. This is his new favourite spot, sitting on the passenger seat of my car, watching the world. And he's discovered he can get there on his own when the window is open. Sigh.

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