Thursday, November 17, 2011

An Archie post

We interrupt the usual programming... A local trainer is offering free canine massages as she works through learning Canine Massage. I emailed her about working on Archie, and she agreed. Yesterday, we met at my place. Archie was overall very good. It took him a while to settle, but he eventually did, and I think he really enjoyed it. She noted some areas of tension in his right hip area, which is where Britt had noticed stuff before. I'm wondering if it's residual from hi left-front injury. Anyway, the massage was very cool to see. Archie really got into it toward the end. Some touch was very arousing for him, but most of it he relaxed into. She was great with him, and I hope to see if she's interested in working on Maco. Not sure how THAT would go, but might help his leg? Once she's up and established, I'll be sure to post a link to her site etc.

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