Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Foster dog?

A couple weeks ago, I brought home my newest foster. I wrote this post, then forgot all about it.

We started the trip early, about 8:30am. The boys had to stay home.. I gave them each some snacks to keep them busy while I left:


Mom and I shared the driving. You can see the 400 crate pretty much fills the back of the car.


We arrived to Aldergrove early, so we had lunch at a Chinese place near Safeway called the Dragon House Restaurant and had amazing huge portions of chinese food, for a total of $20 including tip, tea and a spring roll appetizer! Highly recommended!

We then went to Run Free Canine Centre where we were going to meet Bonnie. We were still a bit early (and she was a bit late) so we spent some time chatting with Jennie and Karl about the facility. We took a tour of the place and I forgot the camera in the car and took no photos at all the whole time I was there!

I realized this later and tried to get a photo of their biz card while driving back..


Bonnie came and unloaded stuff, we did paperwork, then took Maco for a run in the field at Run Free. He had a good time, and I liked what I saw. He looked quite lame on his left front.

We loaded him up into the crate in my car, no problems at all. I traded his martingale for a plain buckle collar with Cross Our Paws contact info on it, and off we went!

 Quick stop for fuel just down the road, Maco was settled and totally calm. I had expected some barking, but he surprised me.


 He napped all the way back. I grabbed a medium SureFit and put that on him as he exited the car. I had set up the crate in the motorhome already. We wandered around (okay, he yanked me around) till he peed and then I put him away while I took Sassy, our foster cat, to meet the rescue owner.

Once I got back, I took Maco out again to give him a chance to poo. He did! He was pretty aroused by all the changes.

 He barked most of the first night. He barked for about ten minutes around 2am and again around 6am the second night. At 6am, I went into the house because after the night before of no sleep, I was pretty desperately in need of a few extra hours. The third night, he slept as long as I was watching a TV show. Bonus! I turned my music on and he was quiet for the rest of the night!

I'll be setting him up with a boom box today. He's a bit stressed, and certainly needs time to learn the routines, but so far, he's fantastic.

 He's conditioned to a Gentle Leader now, and learning fast the rules of the place (no lunging at people's faces. no shredding leashes). He's wrecked a few of my toys, powerful jaws and all that. I can't believe he chewed up my twist n treat!

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