Monday, March 7, 2011

Finally, some well overdue photos!

Today, we had the magic combination of SUN, a CAMERA, and my remembering to TAKE PHOTOS all in the same time period! Amazing!! My sister must still have her camera, so I borrowed the 'good' camera from Chris (which actually belongs to my sister's boyfriend.. long story!) to get some sunny dog photos today!

I wanted to get some nice shots of West wearing his fully-matching Premier gear. I know we all decided on Royal Blue, but sometimes things don't happen the way you expect :) My mom placed the order for me, and got a bit mixed up.. So we ended up with Cadet blue instead. I think he looks quite smashing! ;)

Trying to get photos of this dog on a leash is like trying to nail jello to a wall. I dropped the end of the leash over the weave poles, so I could get a few feet away and try to get some decent photos. He knocked the poles over, then proceeded to stand there looking stressed as heck!

West says "Why are you making me sit here, away from you and with no archie to chase??"

So, I snapped a few pics quickly, then moved on. This was not going to give me the photos I wanted!

I managed to get this one:

No, I have no idea either. Maybe just before a full body shake?

Here, we're getting closer:

But of course, It's of his shadowed side. Sigh.

West rolled in the snow some, and I got a couple "ok" ones of that, showing the underside of the harness..

So then I hooked his leash over a tree branch. This was far less stressful (Maybe because archie was running after a ball at this point, or..?) so I got some nicer photos.

I love this one, as it shows exactly how a GL should be fit differently from a collar, and is also kind of an interesting photo. I wish his harness strap was visible too..

I took off his GL and leash, and got some shots of him in his usual "travel wear" with his muzzle on too. The Thundershirt fits nicely over or under the harness. If I need the back attachment on the harness, I put it on top. If I just need the car control ring, it sits between the chest and belly straps of the thundershirt, so it doesn't matter which is on top.

West straddling pipe and looking sort of evil in the shadows..

Waiting to pounce on Archie

Ready to goooo

The Car Control ring:

Hunting Archie:

All in all, I'm very happy with the equipment. Just as I was taking that last photo, new roomie came up the driveway to his car with his two dogs. West would love to play with them, I think, but new roomie is a dude, so I sent West into the yard. Archie charged over to the dogs (I've met both, but he hadn't met one of them, nor the roomie), I called I'd be right back, and locked West in the motorhome (I can't lock him in the yard anymore. He jumps over. Thanks archie..). I went over to chat with roomie and Archie had some amazing zoomy fun with the two big dogs! Wahoo! Archie rarely plays, so this was very nice. We'll have to get them together again. When I came back in the motorhome, West was sitting by the door inside, and Archie didn't bite him :D

West needs to spend WAY more time watching things/dogs move without being allowed to chase them. Impulse control. Pronto!


  1. That's a nice harness! I always have to have matching collars and leads!

  2. I try to keep everyone matching for practical purposes.. We often have a sack of random collars, leads, harnesses, etc. If I know that all Orange stuff fits Archie, and all blue stuff fits West, and all Red fits gypsy, etc., it makes life MUCH simpler! I admit though, I wouldn't have purchased the lead, except that he's a foster, and his new family may wish to have the matched set. One day, westy..