Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Very bad blogger..

Holy smokes! I missed updating you guys on West's last class, and a few other things! Life has been busy!

West had his last Rally-O class on Thursday. I'd been forgetting his L-Theanine, and I definitely noticed a difference. He did well, overall, though. I'm working on shaping a Bow and a Rollover, as stress relief tricks :)

He's mostly been spending his time as usual. He still loves chasing Archie out in the yard, and has quit harassing the chickens now. He's ALMOST figured out how to catch popcorn if I throw it just right. I think I managed to get one piece out of about 50 into his mouth! So, we're getting there.

We went for a hike today up by the dump. West rode in the back on his new harness/car control strap, cause we took the little car (did anyone else notice fuel is WAY expensive??). He did very well! He ran and chased and played with Gypsy. He tried to play with Candy, but she wasn't interested. He has adjusted very nicely to his body harness (Premier Sure-fit) and matching collar.

After the walk, we stopped at the gas station to fuel up. West had been so quiet, I sort of forgot about him, until he raised his head and noticed a big strange man about 4' from the car (fueling up his own truck)!!! He didn't bark, and I was able to easily redirect him and give him some cookies. Good boy, West! That certainly would not have been possible even a month ago! His reactions when startled are starting to change from "OMG" to "Hey, we're playing that silly stranger game again, aren't we?" which is fantastic.

Archie, Gypsy and Sheela debuted at their first AAC agility trial. I had my sister run Sheela for me so I could focus on Archie. There is video of one of Sheela's runs, and nothing else! But there was a pro photographer there, so there may be photos. Both Gypsy and Sheela got refusals in Jumpers, but otherwise did well. Archie was unable to cope with the situation both runs, so he didn't get to do much. Sheela got 22 snooker points on a VERY difficult snooker course (for those who know agility, the teeter was #5 and the weaves were the #7. Sheela hasn't got a teeter or weaves yet.. and #6 was chute, jump, tunnel!! So, way too many yards for her to be able to get enough points), but had a total blast. Gypsy got one snooker point, I think. It was cold, but we had a decent time. Lots of work to do with Archie! :)

Leave something in the comments if you want me to write, video or photograph something specific. I'm considering making this blog a bit more general and not focusing on West so much, since his life is pretty routine now. Any thoughts on that?

Poooooo on bad bloggers!


  1. Courtenay, whatever you want to write about, I'll read :)


    PS: the reason you do not get too many comments here may be because it is restricted to people with either a Google account, LiveJournal, or a handful of other blogging i.d.'s. I actually had to request a password reset for Google in order to post this :)

  2. Hmm. Thanks for the heads up. I'll go check the settings. I guess I assume everyone has a google id! :)
    Though I think OpenID might be easier? I'll look into it.