Friday, March 9, 2012

Goughnut Unboxing!

For Christmas, both the boys got a Goughnut toy. The shipping was significantly less to Portland, where I was going end of January, so the toys were shipped there. Once I finally got them, I discovered they'd sent the wrong toys!

I had suggested a red Ball for Archie, and a Black Goughnut for Reiker. The order was accidentally put in incorrectly, for a red Ball and a .75 (small) Black Goughnut. I received a Black Ball and a .75 Black Goughnut.

I emailed the company, and they strongly recommended returning the .75 for the full size version. I sent them the toy and ~$10 USD, and waited.

This week, the full size Goughnut arrived in the mail! I took the package outside and brought Reiker out to open it. I tied him up just so my hands were free for running the camera.

Oh, and Archie loves his Goughnut Ball!

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