Thursday, March 8, 2012

Let the cramming begin..

So, I agreed to run Reiker in Novice Team at our upcoming CARO trial with a friend's belgian. We're NOT running for Q's (neither of our dogs is really Q-able yet), but just for ring experience and a good time. And a good time it should be!

Reiker's drop behaviour is strong enough that I can start using it for training occasionally. We did about 10 reps of Drop, line up in heel (using the wall), Yes, catch toy, tug x 5 sec, repeat. By the last couple, he was getting pretty aroused, so I left him (loose!) in the bedroom for a second while I went to get some treats.

A handful of cat kibble's worth of practicing modified Choose-to-heel, hand targets from heel position, Eye contact, regular hand targets, a few sits, and some lured left turns. I like the hand target left turn from him way better, but not sure I'll get it if he has any distraction on his mind at the trial.

I suspect we need to do some parallel walking and relax games with Fawkes, our partner dog, before the trial. Which is March 18th, by the way.

Hopefully I can find some more time this week to practice! We have an "official" practice tomorrow, not sure if I can bring both boys, but I'll try. If I can only bring one, do I bring my new-to-Excellent (no food, no toys!) dog, or my new-to-rally dog?? Neither is really running for Qs!

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