Monday, March 19, 2012

West Update.. Wow!!

An email from Valerie, West's new owner..

Hi Courtenay,
West went to his first "fun trial" this week end and did reaaaaaaaaaaaally well.
I entered him in a standard run and a jumpers.
I wasn't too sure how he was going to do on the course with the judge and all.
He never even noticed the judge, very focused on me and his job.
He is so fast.
I decided to enter him in a second jumper run.
He ran it in 33,83 secs (sct 40) and was clean !!!
He was very good with the people and dogs around, tryed to keep him safe and comfy.
I also had Nina with me.
I have attached a couple of pictures, he looks very muddy because we were just playing in a VERY muddy field (obviously)
It's way to early to enter him in a real trial but it was a great little exercise, i'm sure proud of him.

Of course we still have some issues, herding Nina, barking at some men but he is getting better all the time.
I will try to send you a video of West and his new friend, Cheyenne, the blind puppy that my friend Anne got through Shenna.
They are really good buddys and have great plays.

I hope all is well at your end,

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  1. I've just reread the Wootube entry about West coming to you as a "last chance" and, with this update, these 2 entries make marvellous bookends!