Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sheela's first Q!!!

This is not a rescue related post. It's just an agility post!

Sheela was my gramma's puppy. She had some agility training up until about 1.5 yrs old, then was hit by a car and lived as a pampered house pet until about age 5. She and I did some more training together, and some competing without much success. She's since gone to live with a new family, where I joke she "Lays on the couch and eats bonbons" all day. Basically, a pampered pet!

But, once in a while, she still gets to come out to trials!

And a Q! Her other run of the day wasn't so spectacular.. Benji, her used-to-be-housemate, was ringside and she went out to visit him!

But we did get a nice photo with the Judge! This could very well be her only Q ever, so... Enjoy the moment, Sheela!

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