Sunday, December 2, 2012

West One Year Update!!

Hello Courtenay, 

It's now been over a year that West joined us and it's amazing to see how much progress he has made.

Fast learner for good and bad.
He is a super little dog, very special !
He comes and cuddles with us in bed first thing in the morning before we get up.
He and Nina are getting along really well, lots of play time going on.
He's not herding her as much.
We are working on retrieving balls and Frisbees instead.
I take him to my friend's farm to visit with sheep but he could careless.
Too bad considering his very strong herding instincts.

He is doing very well with people generally and will often go forward to say hello.

Still a few things triggering lunching and barking.
People walking on the road with a dog on the leach ??? 
Strangers (usually men) approaching too fast.
He is doing much better with my husband, they play "come peek" on our walks.
Thanks to my husband who has been very patient with him and all the barking at the beginning.
He has gained 3 lbs (he on raw) 

I'm sending a couple of videos and a few pictures of this past year.

The Agility video is from 2 weeks ago, i entered him in 8 runs and he "Q" 4.
We are now in adv. jumpers, (1 more to Masters) and adv. gamblers.

Thanks again for doing all the ground work with him,

he is an awesome dog, i love him dearly.


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