Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cats and furniture

I'm nursing one of our cats, hopefully back to health. I found her Friday morning collapsed and jaundiced. Apparent acute liver failure, but without any obvious cause. She's home for the night, syringing food into her and keeping her warm. Hopefully she'll recover, but it's still pretty unknown..
Aside from that, I finally got the queen bed moved out here and switched for the tiny daybed that Archie and I were sharing. I didn't even think about it, and let West out of his crate. He took a step, saw the different furniture, and went straight back in his crate! Poor guy. I just waited a second, and he came right back out, and is exploring now. Good recovery!


  1. Is it fatty liver disease? I nursed my cat back to health from that about 5 years ago, but it took a month of force feeding. Cats' livers aren't made to process fat stores for energy if they stop eating for any reason (stress, injury, illness), and basically get plugged up with the fat. The nausea of liver failure prevents them from eating on their own to get better, so you have to force feed them for weeks before the liver starts operating normally again.

    Let me know if you need any tips. I have tons of experience with fatty liver disease and force feeding cats...

  2. Aw, poor thing! Good luck with her. Hopefully she'll make a full recovery. And good for West; change is not so scary after all!