Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Video :)

Real, high quality video of West. Taken by Chris from inside a car, so it doesn't follow him perfectly.

I also used the youtube editing software for the first time, so it won't work until the processing is complete.

He's getting along really well with my mum now, which is great. He hasn't barked at her ever, except one woof when she suddenly came around a corner, and it was just a "OMG" woof, not a "BACK OFF" woof.

Good westy.


  1. Golly that West is a handsome feller! I guess things are settling down a little for all of you?


  2. He's into a routine for sure now. I'm thinking his stress hormones must be coming down, he's not drinking/peeing as much and certainly no where near as frantic. He's still got a long way to go to be normal, but he's come a long way!