Saturday, November 6, 2010

Photos, Rally and strangers

We have two friends staying with us this weekend. I am hoping to round one of them up tomorrow to meet West, but they're very busy, so that may not be possible. He did see Lynn from a distance today, and was sort of thinking about barking, so I called him and increased distance. He's done really well with all kinds of things lately though.

We are in the process of disassembling the ramp that enters into the Motorhome (where West, Archie and I live). It's currently only partway done, so the bottom piece is still there, and the platform is still there, but the middle is missing. 

I wasn't sure how West would react to the changes, or to having to now jump almost 4 feet up to get into the motorhome (Just for today!!) but he took it all in stride! 

I also popped him up on some blocks at my neighbours' place for a photo. He didn't mind being up there at all, but he has no 'stay' and getting him to wait long enough to snap a photo was a challenge. 

I'd hoped to use the MM for stay, and still might, but that's taking longer than I expected to adjust to, so I should probably start working on it a more traditional way.

Archie and I went to a Rally-o fun run today. Videos are up at my youtube channel for anyone who is interested. Archie did FANTASTIC. I am so proud of him.  AND Mary is collecting donations for TDBCR too! Nice!

Finally, I'd like to ask a favor.. Anyone who feels passionately about the subject, or has a minute, could you take a look at these letters in my local paper regarding Cesar Millan? One is by me, the others are by people I train with. 
Leave a comment, or even just rate some of the comments with the little "Like/Dislike" thumbs down the side. That takes hardly any effort. The Pro-CM crowd has quite a presence right now, so a bit of sense would be nice! :)

Thanks. As a reward, I have NEW WEST PICTURES! :)

A nice one of the boys together:

I bet I could get 500 photos that look just like this

West and the bichon, Benji

It's moments like these that I need to know how to set the camera to FAST mode.

Oh Hai!

Dog on a .. i don't know what this is..

Contortionist puppy?

My doorway at the moment

He got up just fine!

Click on any of these pics for the full album. I uploaded 80 today.
All for now!

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  1. West is so cute! I have a friend with a bichon named Benji too! They could be twins.