Thursday, November 4, 2010

Photos at Picasa Album

I'm going to play around with Captions and stuff on the picasa album for the new photos, so I don't have to embed them all. Embedding them is annoying. So please go check them out at
West's Album

I hope that works for most of you.

West did some Peek training tonight, along with some targetting the calming cap. We played with the MM again, earlier today. He's getting better! His tail looks kind of goofy, but he doesn't mind at all. He wants to hear all your inexpensive chew toy ideas, he LOVES to chew!



  1. Hmmm... Inexpensive chew toys. We've used plain old rope, like the kind you can buy for cheap at hardware stores. Also have purchased stuffed animals from thrift stores. You can often get three for five dollars or something. Just make sure you find ones that don't have litte pieces that can cause a dog to choke.

    Shiva also like chewing on paper towel tubes and pop bottles.

    These photos are awesome, by the way. :-)

  2. Kongs aren't inexpensive, but last a long time, especially the black ones - you can stuff them with anything and freeze. Get the Wolf size
    Bully Sticks, again, not inexpensive, but if you get the really long thick &/or braided ones, they can last a long time.
    Um, ime, milk and juice jugs are fun for the not-so hard chewer, they can swallow plastic bits - but they make nice treat dispensers.
    Cardboard boxes can provide playing and chewing fun, too.
    Anything can that can have hard bits chewed off of it and then swallowed is a choking hazard, can cause gum or throat abrasions and possibly blockages or impactions.

  3. Rope is probably a good idea. Any ideas where I could get THICK cotton rope? I'll start poking around hardware stores. He LOVES the couple rope toys I have, and doesn't seem to eat them, just chew them.
    Stuffies we have done, but he shreds them, not chews them. He really needs to gnaw!
    Pop bottles/milk jugs are a good thought. I don't think he'd chew on them so much as play with them, but they're cheap!
    The photos are all taken with a flash then adjusted in Picasa. I'm certainly not a photographer, but it was cool to play with the flash.
    Kongs we have, he chews on them a bit, but likes something he can sink his teeth into a bit more. I've got some Himalayan cheese chews, I'll try him with one of those once I make sure I have enough for the other people who want them (our order was short!!). They're supposed to be tougher than bully sticks. Archie thinks they're delicious.


    Shreve sells elk horn chews at her etsy shop. They're pretty cheap, and the b's like them. Looks like all she has left now is the puppy size, but keep checking back. They're naturally shed, and she cuts them down. I've got a couple of them, they last a long time, but then the b's aren't really power chewers. And it supports her and her coyote, how cool is that?


  5. Love the Thundershirt!! What are the differences in behaviour you notice when he's wearing it?

    [I'm new to your blog!]


  6. Liza,
    Thanks. I have some deer antlers (shed, and whole) and have given West one. He seems to at least sort of like it :) Charlie is a great photo subject. Shreve's pictures are amazing.
    Mostly, I notice he is able to quiet and be still much more easily. His startle is less, and his recovery is faster. His threshold seems higher too, though that's harder to quantify. I assume you're the same ttouchanne who posted on the newspaper article. Thank you!