Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An unexpected event!

Just now, mom came and opened the door. West was just chilling, chewing a bone. This normally wouldn't have happened, but she was late for work and I accidentally had the car key in my pocket!

West leapt up and approached the door curiously, then when she spoke, he gave one woof. I stood, ready to grab him, but he looked at me, so I just said "Crate!" and gestured toward the crate. He leapt inside, I was able to get the key and pass it to mom. She shut the door and left, and I chucked a handful of popcorn (it was handy!) on the floor for him to snarfle. He's still kind of weirded out and stressed by the whole thing, lying on my feet and hypervigilant. I'll put his shirt on him for a bit to see if he settles. BUT!!!

HE WAS ABLE TO THINK AND KEEP HIS HEAD! He didn't go OMG I CANT DO THIS or OMG I MUST BITE or anything of the sort. Just one "Huh, someone's here" bark and was able to respond to my direction immediately. Good boy west!

On that note, why does it seem that blog-worthy events always happen the same day, often immediately after i've already posted!?

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  1. Nice going, West! :) Sounds like things are taking a real turn for the better!