Monday, December 13, 2010

Another day..

Took a couple pictures while the boys were playing in the snow. The camera battery was acting up, so I didn't get much. Archie has cut the pad on the back of his front leg, and of course yesterday was warm enough to melt the top layer of snow, with a firm freeze last night, so the snow is 'crunchy'. Just crunchy enough to tear open his pad when he goes out. Sigh. I've got some liquid bandage and that helps a lot.

Yesterday both dogs had fish for dinner. Their farts and crates still smell fishy. Yech. They love it though! I also found some moose stew meat in the freezer and spent 20 minutes stuffing various food toys with bits of stew meat, so those are in the freezer for the days I'm at the clinic this week.

Our dog club put on a photos with santa event, to raise money for TDBCR. I'm not sure what the total raised was, but it was a ton of fun. West didn't get to attend.. for obvious reasons.. but here's some of our other guys. My sister's boyfriend was the santa!

I spent some time working with West on a positive CER for the gentle leader again. This one, I won't let him chew up! Silly puppy. Anyway, he's coming along well with it. I should get video of it soon. I still owe you guys a photo of him all decked out in his management gear.

I'm off to teach puppy classes tonight. Only two more classes left and then I'll never see these puppies again!! *sniff* They grow up sooo fast.

I feel like I don't have much to say specifically about "what West did today" type stuff. If you want to hear about something specific in a future post, let me know in a comment and I'll see if I can make it happen!


  1. Poor Archie. I hope his foot heals fast. That photo of him and Santa is adorable!

    I hope you had fun at the puppy class. :-)

  2. Hi Courtenay,
    Sheena just sent me the link to your blog. We were Wes' first foster parents. So great to see his progress! Man he was a wild - but awesome - beastie when we got him. Thanks so much for all your work with him. We totally believe in that dog.
    Keep up the posts and we'll follow them.
    Feel free to get our e-mail from Sheena. We'd love to see him again.
    Aislinn & Glenn

  3. Hi Aislinn,
    If you're ever in the Interior, let me know and maybe we can meet up. Thanks for the vote of confidence! :)