Friday, December 3, 2010

Home again!

Ok, so it's tough to blog about the puppy when I haven't seen him really in a week!
Today, we got a package in the mail. A week or two ago, I entered a contest for some more Premier stuff (have I mentioned how much we all LOVE Premier?) and the box came today. It was to be a Turkey, I suppose due to american Thanksgiving. Sure enough, a rubber turkey, but also a Tennis Tail!! The turkey was dispatched rather quickly by West. He deftly removed the right lateral toes off the poor thing, so he no longer squeaks, and the dogs have access to his fluffy fiberfill middle. Also, his turkey.. neck.. thing.. doesn't extend anymore unless I hold his foot shut to build air pressure :)
I knew the toy wouldn't last long with the collies, so I'm sure not disappointed. They both agree it's still great fun even without half it's foot. Archie has actually been really gentle with it. I'll let him play with it for a few days, then probably either remove the stuffing and give it to the house dogs, or let West destroy the entire thing.

Little Westy also destroyed a bed this week. I expect my lack-of-presence and the extra stress of having Chris around contributed, but I do remember Sheena saying the words "And he never destroys a bed!".. Hah! It's basically ruined, though I might be able to repair it somewhat. The problem is that any bed with a tear or hole becomes Archie's favourite thing ever to eat. Sigh. Maybe he needs one of these? Heh. Live and dream. The bed he ripped was one of these and despite the awful website, I've overall been thrilled with them. We have two. We also have a couple kennel mats from Premier, which are, I think, still all in one piece and stood up great. They're super easy to wash too. I love them most.

So for the moment, until I find something either perishable or tough, West hasn't got a bed. He doesn't seem to mind. It's plenty warm in here. Maybe I'll go to Value Village and get him a couple cheap comforters or something that he can just destroy and nap on. Ideas welcome.

I got some (very low quality) video of West playing with the turkey before he ate it. I will edit it and put it up sometime soon. As soon as I put the camera on, he of course drops the toy and just stares at me. Silly boy. He had fun today leaping on the human-esque snow man outside, and chasing Archie as usual. He's pretty high stress, so I'll be doing a few things over the next few days to try and help him settle. I think he missed a few days of his L-Theanine, and his DAP collar has run out, so I'm going to try attaching the other half of the collar (the one i froze last month) to his martingale and also get him wearing his Thundershirt again. Hopefully he can relax in a few days :)

Archie is sound asleep next to me on the (QUEEN SIZE! WOOT!) bed with all four feet crossed like he's running after a bunny. Both boys need nail trims. I think I'll do Archie's now.


  1. I'm sure both West and Archie are thrilled to have you back home; does West have run of the place when no one's home or did he eat his bed while in the crate?

    Those links you gave both went to the same place, a website with beds I've never seen before -- is it US or Can, I didn't notice. They look like a really good price, even for the biggest ones.

    Skye ate her bed when she was little by carefully unzipping the bolster, chewing through the seam and daintily de-stuffing it. After re-stuffing and re-stitching, and then securing the zip with a safety pin, it was never attacked again.

    But then again, she's pretty dainty with all her toys and crinkles her nose while tip toeing away in the opposite direction if she comes across a dead or stinky thing. She is not really a dog; me-thinks she's a prom queen.

  2. He is crated. This is the puppy who EATS EVERYTHING. Silly dog.
    I fixed the links, by the way. Thanks for letting me know. My copy/paste was sticky I guess.
    I'm pretty sure this dog would not be deterred by a safety pin. Though perhaps it would make a nice snack for him? Heh.