Friday, December 10, 2010

Behind again!

So I think I have a bit of a backlog of video and pictures to post, but here's tonight's training session. I will watch it in a bit and decide if he's passed any of level 1. I think his touch is a pass at least.


  1. He's so enthusiastic! You're doing an awesome job. I love how you say, "West, sit!" and he scrambles, like "Yeah, Mom! I know this one! I can do that!", and then looks at you like "Did I do it right? Am I good? I'm good, right Mom?". He's absolutely beautiful, and such a sensitive dog, and I'm glad you've been able to work with him towards a little bit of confidence.

  2. I also meant to comment on this before now. At first I thought West was being a ventriloquist with the barking, but then realized as you spoke, that it was Archie. Clearly he's jealous! ;c)

    I think you're going great guns with his training. He's clearly very responsive to the point of manic re: pleasing you. And SO sensitive; imagine if he was with someone who believed in harsh correction -- perhaps that was his past. Anyway, you've got him to do amazing things already: sit, lie down, roll over, touch, and to lie still while you handle his tender spots. Great job! Do you think its advantageous to do this training in a confined area to keep his attention, or is this just serendipity?

  3. The scrambling and 'manic' behaviour will fade as he relaxes and gets more confident. He has been a bit higher stress overall the past couple weeks, so I'm working on getting him back to calm. It takes a few days.
    Archie certainly cannot stand the idea that anyone might be doing/going ANYWHERE that might have had HIS FOOD there. Sigh. He's also a work in progress :)
    The confined area is where we live so it's where we train. When the weather is drier and warmer, we will do some training outside, but it's winter so...
    We are working on the Training Levels level one. I need to do Come Game with him, but don't have adequate indoor area for that, so it might have to wait till spring. Otherwise, his other TL behaviours are coming along nicely.