Sunday, December 5, 2010

So today...

I arranged to have a camera! So hopefully daily photos/video again! Are we excited?
I also have a cold. darn it.
West and Archie had a great run this morning with Gypsy. Gyp and west played run-fast-chase-me for about 10 minutes.
West ate a meal of turkey in my car! Without really stressing! And jumped in on his own! Why is the old, loud, stinky, nasty car soooo less scary than the new, smooth, quiet SUV with lots of room? No idea. Don't care! :)
West barked at chris a bit this morning. Still lots of work to do there. Once he was obsessing over Archie, he settled quite well.
He still chews most of the day. I ought to try and find some more fun/unique things for him to chew, though he doesn't seem to bore of the same old rubber toys and bone and antlers. Plus his food of course. Chew, chew chew..

And, though I get nothing from promoting it, I've written before about Through a Dog's Ear, a CD I play for the dogs. They're giving away a song a day this week, so go get em!

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  1. Boo on the cold but yay for the camera! That photo looks beautiful. I hope you feel better soon.