Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blah. I'm sick..

I have a cold. West got out for a good run this morning thanks to my mom, and had a good play with gypsy. I slept on the couch, missed my volunteer day at the clinic and felt like junk all day. Boo.
Archie got no such run this morning, and this is his face:

In case you think me cruel, I have added arrows with explanation for the crate which appears 4 sizes too small. Silly dog.
The cat is eating almost-enough on her own now :) At least that's getting better. I'm taking Archie and a handful of others to get a friend to photograph them at a park tomorrow. I'd take west, but I expect I'd never see him again. :) Soon enough, West..
Archie is learning to climb what's left of the snowman. I'm wondering if I could use it for obstacle discrimination. West just flits around like a bee, herding everything that moves. Silly pup.


  1. Aw, stinky cold. Do take it easy and get better for dogs! And glad the cat is doing better too. Yeah.