Sunday, December 19, 2010

New toy? Fail.

West chewed up and destroyed the dollar-store chew stick. I really thought it would be hard enough. Apparently not. Oh well, it was cheap! Archie and I went to a Snooker fun match today. Sheela did very well, Archie .. struggled. West stayed home, and enjoyed a romp in the snow when I got back. He quite likes the snow.
He had a kong ball with some pieces of stew meat frozen in it to keep him busy all day. He's really getting good at these food toys. He also has a Waggle that has some kibbles in it that are too big to fall out, and he plays with that a couple times a day. He chews and chews on his antler. That dog loves to chew.
Couple good suggestions for his birthday. I'm partial to a newyears date, as I'm not really into christmas, but I love the reasons for the suggestions so far. I'll decide on something soon!


  1. Cheap toys are never hard enough, no matter how hard they seem. It's always the way... sadly... :(

  2. At least it was cheap! We have spent a fortune on toys for Shiva and none of them have been tough enough for her jaws. We may as well stick with the cheap ones. :-P

    Hope you had fun at the match! Snooker is not an easy game.