Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lindsay and West meet again!

Lindsay came over today to play with the puppy again. This time, I put his shirt on him, grabbed a handful of half-cooked heart pieces and his sheep-tug and just headed out. He did some initial OMG STRANGER barking. Maybe about 10 barks total. I distracted him with some food, then Lindsay gave him some food. He put his paws up on her (his clear signal of acceptance!) within about 5 minutes, and was fine after that!
He did one nervous reaction about 10 minutes later when Lindsay moved. I'm not sure if she leaned in, or shuffled her foot funny. I didn't see anything weird, but West did. He didn't bark, just jumped back a few inches and looked at her. He was perfectly willing to approach her right away, though, which is fantastic.
He did some tugging on the sheep (teaching him to bite THAT instead of ME!) and rolled around trying to get the shirt off. Hasn't done that before, so maybe I put it on funny or something. I took it off and he was fine. He did some exploring, some begging Lindsay for pets, and some just leaping at me obnoxiously. Overall, was fantastic.
Chris came out and he started to lose his beans, so I put him in his crate. Lindsay came into the motorhome and I let Archie out to greet her. We chatted and played with Archie for about 5 minutes, then I gave him a food toy, covered him up and let West out. West was surprisingly fine, and was soon cuddling on the edge of the bed with us! Great job, puppy!

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