Tuesday, January 25, 2011

100 posts and a birthday

So today is West's honorary Birthday. I will find a way to give him a cake and get a picture of it for you guys!
I hit the 100 post mark last post, I didn't even realize till I came to post today. Hm. Anyway.

No posts for a couple days. Archie's been quite sick after he got into a bunch of kitchen scraps and has really bad diarrhea. He's feeling better today, but we've all just kind of chilled out. West has class again on Thursday. He loves fish more than chicken. He's mostly quit chasing the chickens. He loves eating and rolling in the snow. and we really need to do some serious training!

I've lost his red Gentle Leader (that is actually Gypsy's, but he's borrowing it). I had it ready to go to class on Thursday, and I'm fairly sure I brought it to the car. When I arrived at the centre, I couldn't find it, and it's totally gone. I will have to look hard for it tomorrow.

West needs a couple of items, and we need to pick a colour! Here's the colour options:

Any thoughts or votes? Archie is Blaze Orange, and gypsy is deep red. Candy is purple and Ben is green. Sheela is hot pink. It's ideal for the dogs to have different colours. I'm leaning toward a navy blue...

And speaking of premier, there's only one more day to vote for the photo so we can win FREE TOYS FOR WEST. Here's the info: Instructions here


  1. I like Royal blue - that's the colour of my grab collar and my leather collar and lead.

    Love and licks Winnie

  2. I think any blue would look great on West