Thursday, January 20, 2011

First week of class!

So, yesterday, I made sure West had a very boring no-fun day. This morning, I gave him a bone to chew, then I was out for the afternoon. I came home, scarfed down dinner and gathered up a few things:
Calming cap, fluffy sheep toy, gentle leader, 60cc syringe filled with dog food mixture, container of super yummy meat scrap treats, treat pouch, clicker, thundershirt... That might have been all. Oh, a leash!

Off we went to class. West road on the front seat (I need to get him a harness to be safer..) so he wouldn't get car sick. I fed him some dry cookies for the 'scary' parts (slowing down, turning, etc) and he did very well. We got to 5star and i moved him into the back of the car in a crate, and covered him up with a blanket to stay warm. Then I went inside and helped teach a basic obedience class.

After most of the dogs for the advanced class arrived, I brought West into the room. He was fine with the doorways, but freaked out by Mary's loud voice instructing the class. I fed him and managed to get him to our spot behind the barriers. Once there, I just fed him constantly for about 5 minutes.

He settled in quite nicely. In the whole class, he had 3 "grr" moments where he was afraid enough to utter a small quiet sound. There was a man right near our station (we'll change that up next week). We worked on down, stand, eye contact (hah. he couldnt do this at all), perch work on a stool (he did pretty good at this one!), peek, look at that scary man, "smoke your pipe" (my cue for find and lick the end of the syringe... heh), hand target. I think that's it. He worked almost the whole class.

At the end of class, a lady came way too close to him, but I had his calming cap on already, so I just scooped him up and carried him out. Back in the car, loose, until I gathered up my stuff.

He spent most of the drive home on the floor behind my seat. Good puppy. He's totally flat out crashed in his crate now. Poor little guy. He did SO well :)

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  1. Yeah West! We are so proud of you. Keep up the good work!