Sunday, January 2, 2011

Stalking reflections...

I totally meant to post yesterday, but forgot. Happy new year, everyone, from West and I!

I have no idea what West is doing in this picture. Silly pup.

Tonight, I had some things to sort through in the basement, and (to my knowledge) no one was down there, so I figured it'd be good for West to just hang out with me in a new place. He was willing to enter the house without a problem (he'd been nervous of the doorway upstairs), and sniffed around some. I got to work, and he mostly followed me, sniffed the room, and sat on my foot. Overall pretty good. He alarm barked at the china cabinet, and I'm sure he was barking at my reflection in the glass. Anyone have reflection-reactivity cures?

Chris came in unexpectedly and scared West and me both. He barked, but was able to come to me, sit with me and sort of stay quiet while I hid his head with my hand and Chris left. Within a minute or so after, he was back to his usual behaviour. Great recovery.

Overall, I think it was useful, and I think he enjoyed most of it. Lots of things to smell and see. He's sacked out having a nap now.

Pet billboard :)


Waiting for Archie to move so he can herd him..

Snowy nose.

My camera isn't fast enough to catch these nicely.

I bet I could edit this to look like a 2o2o Aframe photo :)

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