Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A walk to the river, and a link for you!

Mom and Chris went down to the river and brought the boys with them. I met them partway after I got home, and walked back. West walked on leash with Chris and Candy, and did fairly well. He's getting very comfortable with "things that are not strangers". Archie had a harder time with the trucks and such, but that's a work in progress. Both came home and slept all afternoon! No photos, sorry, unless Chris took some before I got there and didn't tell me. And I know I still have a video to process of West playing with Gypsy. Sorry for being slow, I'm busy!!

Tomorrow, I plan to take him into town again, and we'll just wander and stay away from busy-stuff and see how he is. He seems to like exploring new environments, so I think he'll be fine as long as there are no strange humans! Check back for an update.

In other news, I added a gadget to the sidebar of the blog, called Blogs I Recommend. I know I have the blogroll, but those are just blogs I read, from a couple of categories in my RSS feed. Just because I read something doesn't necessarily mean I would DO it. This category will be specifically for blogs that I know the authors well, and know I can recommend their stuff. So on that note, I bring you the first Blog I Recommend!
How Many Dogs?! is a great book about living with multiple dogs. Debby, the author, also has a website where she covers tons of material, and a yahoo group (linked from her website) where you can directly ask her questions and chat with her about your own specific issues. How cool is that? She's a very positive trainer and has lots of cool new ideas. I hope you at least check her out, especially if you're a multiple-dog owner yourself.


  1. I took some photos of West & Gyp in the yard this morning, but none of the walk to the river. It was dark and overcast all day, not great for taking photos. They're tagged on the server, as usual.

  2. Wow, that link is a great resource Courtenay. Even though I have but one beast, I am always interested in doggie dynamics with friends' dogs as well as unknown dogs in parks (even though I recognize this is different from sharing a house). My main reason for having only one is to make holidaying a bit easier, so that friends only have to take care of one instead of many. Its hard to give up that once yearly trip to the sun and sand!
    And great work as usual introducing West to more stuff.