Friday, January 28, 2011


Sorry, I was so tired after class last night, I couldn't bear to write!
West did very VERY well. I crated him (covered, in the back room) inside the centre for the hour I was helping teach, so he was already adjusted to the noise by the time I brought him out. I opened our barrier a bit so he could look at a man sitting in a chair. He barked once when Mary came too close, but that was all. There was a heeling exercise up and back, so we sat at one end and he got cookies for "stranger coming closer" and no cookies for "stranger leaving".. Basic open/closed bar stuff. He was totally good with this. I went early, hoping he could meet Mary, but the basic class students started arriving TWENTY MINUTES early! Sheesh!
No car sickness at all either. What a good boy!


  1. What a great night! West is improving and doing so well, it is wonderful to read. Just shows you what a lot of time and even more patience can do. He'll be a champion yet!

  2. Good job West! He's improving leaps and bounds. And great there was no puking in the car.

  3. Well done, you and West!