Saturday, January 22, 2011

A quiet day

As West recovers from his very busy Thursday, today was a quiet day for him. I was gone teaching all morning, so he got a romp this afternoon and then just spent some time napping/cuddling with me. He was up a few times last night, but he was doing his excessive-water-drinking thing thursday, so I'm not too surprised. He saw mom out by the car yesterday and was willing to approach her even though she was carrying groceries and looking funny! He's come so far, really.

Still hoping for a few more votes for the toys. I only need twenty more to tie the current leader! And it's almost West's designated Birthday! I ought to make him a cake for you guys to see, eh?

Tomorrow is Helter Skelter fun run at 5 Star, but maybe I can get West out for a good run and some PHOTOS tomorrow!


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