Thursday, January 6, 2011

Busy, busy!

This month is shaping up to be a crazy one. West starts classes in two thursdays (the 20th I think) at 5star. He went on another outing yesterday to Pioneer Park (a dog beach) and to Petcetera. He was great at the beach, as there were no people. I'm confident that if the humans evaporated off the earth, he'd be quite a normal little dog :) He did see a man from several feet away, and was able to play LAT, focus on me, and didn't bark even once. He also was near a jogger, but I popped him in the car and I don't think he noticed her.

At Petcetera, he was able to get inside both doors after some coaxing. He sniffed around in the store for a few minutes, then left. He was obviously stressed, but able to take food and think. Good progress!

I had high hopes for photos and videos of our outing, but the battery to the camera died! I got a handful of photos at the beach, and a VERY short bit of video:

More at his album, though they're mostly blurry. Sorry about the lack of documentation! Silly batteries.

Today, he did nothing at all. A nice relaxing day following a stressful one.

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