Friday, January 14, 2011

A brief morning in town

I brought West into town today. He spent time in the car on his own (did very well, though a bit stressed) and didn't get sick at all! He really seems to do better riding without a crate. He chose to spend much of the ride on the floor of the backseat.

We played Look At That Strange Person Walking By from the car at the hospital, and he did very well. One seemingly kind lady looked like she was going to approach the car, but she backed off and carried on her way when she saw me hiding West's face from her!

He got out of the car briefly at the Spay Neuter clinic so Zoey could see him. He was tired by then, so I didn't attempt any introductions. We picked up his new DAP collar and a DAP diffuser, and paid my rather enormous bill!

We found a great sale on Pork at Coopers, so we got about 120lbs of it. West was a bit concerned by the giant hunks of meat being loaded into the car, but he did well.

We got home and Chris was in the house, so I shoo'ed West outside for a moment while I grabbed groceries. At that very moment, our home-fruit-n-veg delivery van came!!! The delivery lady said West just went to his yard and didn't bark or anything. Good boy, but BAD BAD owner. Sigh. They're usually here and gone by 10, but were running late today.
All's well that ends well, I suppose.

Then West ran down the bank and filled his coat and thundershirt with burrs!!!! UGH!

Then Archie got sick (Maybe from the diffuser or from the burrs, not sure at all yet).

And now it's bed time, since I have two classes to teach tomorrow! Yawwwwwwn.

Oh. and sorry for the delay. West's official According-To-Me birthday will be Jan 25, 2010. It's my mom's birthday, has a 25 in it which is just nice, and is far enough from now that maybe he'll get a present! :)

No photos or videos of anything at all today. Sorry!

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  1. Oh well, I was so hoping his birthday would be Festivus, but Christmas day it's also a nice date. And special for you as well as for him.

    Nice to see he's getting more confident and comfortable with things going on around him. Good luck tomorrow in class.

    Best wishes and hope Archie gets better