Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A bit of a scare

I let West out to pee this evening (without Archie, which is slightly unusual) and was surprised when I didn't hear him leaping at the door after a minute or two. I thought he may need an extra minute but when he didn't still after a few minutes, I went and called him. He was nowhere to be seen! OMG I lost the puppy!!! I grabbed my coat and shoes, and rushed out to find him. I called and called. As I came around the corner to where I could see the house, he's sitting at the door to the house, waiting to be let inside!!! I have no idea why he thinks that's his new home. He came when he could see me, and we went back in together.
He's come into the house a few times now for socializing and cookies. I guess he wants to move in permanently! Silly pup!

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