Tuesday, October 26, 2010


West is growing on me. He's more affectionate (rather than frantic) and certainly more relaxed. I got a thundershirt off a friend and got my calming cap back, so we'll be working on that. Once he can sit decently without trying to scratch off the calming cap, I'll take some photos of him in it.
Plan this week is to start sitting outside with him on a leash and conditioning a word (probably 'Surprise!') to mean cookies are falling. This is going to be hard for him, cause he isn't very good at finding food on the ground. I'm also going to start conditioning another word ('friends') to mean cookies are being stuffed in his mouth. This will help bridge the gap when I start doing Open Bar/Closed Bar with strangers at a distance (probably with some BAT mixed in) I hope. We're still working on wearing the GL and hand touches and staying out of my space (that one is coming along brilliantly!)
West accidentally threw himself in the pond today chasing Archie. He seemed quite frantic trying to get out of the water (it's only about 1.5' deep and about the same across.. he was in no real danger) so I have to wonder if he can/will swim? It's too cold now anyway, really.
I also got my Manners Minder back, so I will start working with that to ensure he isn't afraid of the sound, then to work on mat-behaviour. He has a lavender essential oil candle under his bed, his DAP collar, his Tshirt, the thundershirt, the L-theanine, the calming cap, the gentle leader, TADE music, and a covered crate. How much more relaxing can life get? :)


  1. So happy to hear that West is growing on you, and that he's getting so many wonderful options for calming assistance! :D

  2. I love reading updates like this. :)