Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Toys, Tshirts and Photos!

I went to Penny Pinchers today and picked up two different shirts and a bag of toys. Total cost less than $6. Awesome.

Video of the first shirt:

More videos on that channel.


Hello there!

I don't really like this shirt..


  1. Is this a thundershirt type thing? West looks cute, but not convinced....

  2. I see he does that "come demand attention in a sucky manner and then when I don't get it I will flip out and run to my crate" thing with you too. I did eventually teach him to "lie down" in the living room while we watched a movie, but any small movement on my part sent him scrambling for his crate.

    He didn't really sleep in here either, but then again, neither do we. And to be fair, I think that it has something to do with the fact that he really DOES need to pee when he wakes up. If you I ignored him too long, he'd pee in his crate.

  3. Liza, it's just a baby tshirt from the thrift shop. That's the idea of it though. 99c shirt vs $50 thundershirt.. :)
    FL, he is getting really good at sitting for pets. Initially, i sort of let him get away with whatever, cause I didn't want to discourage him from coming to me, etc. He got real pushy real fast, so he now sits before he gets most anything, unless we're out in the yard and he has Archie breathing down his neck. I don't really expect him to sit when Archie is clearly telling him he best not move an inch.
    He will even stay lying fairly out in the open while i change position or reach for food, etc. He often jumps up, but chooses to stay out of his crate now, too.
    I think you're right that some of it is "i gotta pee", but he has done the demand bark thing AFTER he's been let out to pee, too. I figured if I got up at his time, let him out, then fed him, he might let me sleep a little more. No go. So it certainly isn't ALL necessity.